ATMA is an international street artist, mural painter and designer driven by upliftism. Through his use of bold colours, sharp lines and natural patterns, he tells stories in large scale. To engage, impact and transform. ATMA is the Sanskrit word for ‘Soul’.

His work transcends locations & status: you can find his signature in (and on) council estates, private homes, motorways, high streets, hidden corners, capitals, cities, villages, restaurants, corporate offices, community centres, schools, art galleries & museums, across 10 countries.

Warrior 3. 2016-now

Atma embarks on a series of large scale works, driven by uplifitism: celebrating history, diversity, culture & nature. He becomes a Google Arts & Culture resident artist and Paint the Change leading artist, working with communities & neighbourhoods with statement murals anchored in social justice. He is currently developing a number of meditative & immersive murals using space and user journey as key drivers.

Warrior 2. 2005-2015

Arriving in London. Atma becomes a designer whilst keeping on painting in the streets and taking part in many exhibitions and international mural projects in France, Portugal, Germany, Mexico, Denmark, Italy. In East London, his new home, he co-founds Wood street Walls. He also develops studio works, exploring various materials, like glass and paper.

Warrior 1. 2000-2005

Early 20’s, Atma moves to Morocco for a few years, to learn the art of being a stranger, study colours and geometry. Then goes to live in Barcelona, surrounded by friends & artists. Street art becomes a way of life.

Downward facing dog. 1998-2000

Atma starts to paint illegally in the streets of Toulouse. Many portraits appear, most of them influenced by jazz and hip hop iconography.

Child pose. 1979-1998

Born in Bordeaux, France in 1979. He loves playing with lego and drawing on his parents house walls.

ATMA studio

  • Large scale murals
  • Interior murals
  • Private commissions
  • Studio works
  • Concept creation
  • Creative workshops


  • Mural Painting
  • Story Telling
  • Workshop Lead
  • Design & User Journey
  • Risk Assessment Method Statement
  • IPAF Certifified Mobile plateform Operator 3A & 3B
  • Advanced CRB check


  • Google Arts & Culture
  • Creative Europe
  • National Lottery
  • Mayor of London
  • Paint The Change
  • Paris City Hall
  • Estrella Damm
  • Le Monde
  • Deutsche Grammophon
  • Lufthansa
  • Postal Museum
  • London Design Festival
  • José Pizarro
  • Wood Street Walls
  • Brixton Village
  • Anarkist
  • Clerkenwell Design Week
  • Champagne + Fromage
  • Go Boat
  • Art House Jersey
  • Blank Wall Assassins