Inhale. ATMA is a street artist, mural painter and designer. Working with purpose, people and space. To engage, inspire and transform. Exhale.

Latest projects

Croydon Symphony

Commissioned by Croydon Borough of Culture 2023, as part of the Musical heritage trail. 9 portraits of Croydon Legends and countless references merge into a mural symphony.


Temple of Cultures

Major outreach & mural project for Cumbria's largest museum & home of culture. Starting out with 4 days of workshops, the design includes and celebrates cultural patterns created by the participants - refugees and asylum seekers, who also took part in the actual painting of this gigantic piece.



A paramount 200 sqm project with 150 participants, young volunteers of the SNU programme. Rounding a tower in the alps, the design combines a universal Marianne, an hommage to the local flora and a celebration of the future of this youth.


Shine your light

Mural by day & night. to inspire positivity within the neighbourhood. Community project with Central fondation school and Globe Town estate residents.


Arbol del Mar 2

Part of the “Templo del Mar” project

MuralsPrivate commissions


A Magic Me project for the Brancroft estate in Bethnal Green, East London.



A project produced by Paint The Change, initiated and commissioned by local community group WE LOVE E15.