Go Boat – London waters

Based in Paddington Bassin, Go Boat commissioned ATMA to paint its new kiosk and create a new design piece in Merchant Square, alongside the infamous Fan bridge and the Thomas Heatherwick rolling Bridge. Go Boat offers Londoners and visitors the possibility to discover the Regent’s Canal by boat and explore London hidden side: an oasis of calm, a kaleidoscope of colours, greenery, and magical paths, away from the city chaos. Each side of the containers offers a different take: the full map of the London waters, based on Transport for London colours, a reinterpretation of the Rolling Bridge, a pattern based on the Fan Bridge, and an “Hommage to water”. The container roof also displays a secret message for all Merchant square citizens (including St Mary’s Hospital, Marks & Spencers headquarters, etc…) : Paddington loves you.

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