Rays of Rights

“Rays of Rights” is a Wood Street Walls commission by the Northcote Arms, a cult pub in Leytonstone (East London). Under new management, the pub has now changed completely from a “men only” pub to a very buzzy open minded place, with women, families and new local residents joining the fun. The garden wall was commissioned as a bold, graphic, colourful and uplifting concept with a strong social message. The eye of Sylvia Pankhurst, East london suffragette who fought for women rights to vote, acts as the key central subject. A number of famous quotes (selected by Tuesday Roberts, the pub owner) from free thinkers and activists ornament the design, giving a second layer of meaning and reading to the mural. The final statement written reads as follows: “The Northcote arms welcome all free thinkers, feminists, activists, movers and shakers. Our pub is your home.”

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