Project “Les Bouilles des Halles”

Le Grand Michel: Michel Theroux fought for 20 years as a soldier, came back to France and lost himself, left in the streets. After years of darkness, he started volunteering for “La Soupe Populaire” distributing meals for other homeless people. He’s now a gardener. Portrait exhibited on the Sainte Eustache Church in Paris 1er, entrance of “La Soupe Populaire”.

Madame Chaleyat: Portrait of France’s legendary activist, first to lead a women electoral list. Exhibited on Paris 1er’s city hall entrance.

Project “Les etres aim├ęs”

Ali Akbar colore le Monde: Ali Akbar is a self made man, crossing oceans to reach Paris. He is the last standing newspaper seller and a Parisian institution, commenting the world news in the streets. He wrote a book entitled ” Je fais rire le Monde mais le monde me fait pleurer” (“I am joker but the world makes me cry”). Portrait painted on rue Dufour, Latin quarter, Paris, HQ of Ali Akbar. Restoration and Integration of Space Invader long standing piece.

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