Hope is a project commissioned by Proposition Studios in Peckham London. Proposition Studios is the first UK arts organisation focused on reimagining our civilizations role in the biosphere and inspiring public dialogue on THE HUMAN AS PART OF ECOLOGY. Established as a charity in 2018, our core functions are i) to build bridges between expert landworkers and scientists who are developing regenerative farming practices, and creatives who are passionate about exploring and transforming our civilizations relationship to the natural world.ii) to empower grassroots artists so that they can be financially self-sufficient and enabled to make work in a challenging economic environment.

The brief was to deliver a mural that reflected their ethos, and philosophy. The mural wraps 2 sides of the building, which was originally a factory, during industrial revolution, nearby a former canal used to transport timber. Today, it is the incredible artists studios, with interactive exhibition space, set in vibrant Peckham. Tomorrow, it will be destroyed and a park / green space will take over. The cycle will be completed and nature will finally return. The mural tells the full story of this site, encapsulating the hope of a sustainable space and society, embracing nature and diversity.

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